Whether for aeronautical, power generation, applications in special mechanical engineering, architecture and many others, Cefival can comply with the most demanding requirements to satisfy customer needs. Cefival hot extruded special profiles and tubes are a perfect solution if you are looking for near-net shapes and complex geometries.

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Our roots go back to the early 40’s when Cefival patented the process of steel extrusion and started the world’s first extrusion press. Cefival has, since then, worked continuously on process improvements. As a result of these processes CEFIVAL offers cutting edge technology and equipment, R&D support and specific expertise in the field of steel forming, to guarantee competitive pricing and high-quality products.

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years of experience

50 %

export market share

+ 500


+ 6000

profiles designed


Cefival belongs to Siderval, an Italian company part of the Italian group Calvi Holding SpA / Calvi Network, a global leader in the niche segment of special steel profile production. Together with its sister company Hoesch Schwerter Extruded Profiles, Siderval and Cefival represent the Hot Extrusion division of the Calvi Group.
The company has developed solid ties and synergies with its Calvi Network sister companies specializing in the hot extrusion business with the aim of providing outstanding service and innovative and competitive hot extruded solutions to its customers.

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